Dawn Weber

Genres electronic, funk, hip-hop, jazz, R & B, rock, salsa, swing

Dawn Weber

Dawn Weber has a mesmerizing, high-energy stage presence. This St. Louis-based artist has a background that includes extensive training in both classical trumpet and flugelhorn as well as jazz. Weber's style ranges from jazz, rock, R&B, swing, and salsa to hip-hop, electronic, and funk. Currently, Weber is in charge of four projects which flow seamlessly together while each offering a distinctive sound:

Dawn Weber Group: up to a 6 piece playing jazz, pop, blues, R&B, and funk.

Dawn Weber Swinging Blues Review: 5-6 piece playing swing and jump blues. 

Dawn Weber and Naked Rock Fight: 6 piece band playing soul, groove, funk, and fusion.

Dawn Weber and the Electro Funk Assembly: 3-6 piece group playing acid jazz, lounge, and swing.




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275 Union Blvd
Penthouse 1700
St. Louis, MO 63108