Fresh Heir

Genres hip-hop, jazz, R & B, wedding

Fresh Heir

Inspired by the world around us, as well as the innovators and dreamers that came before us... Fresh Heir's mission is to inspire a mass shift in consciousness towards positivity, love and hope through the power of their music, lyrics, and live performance. In a world full of uncertainty and questionable agendas, Fresh Heir shares a message of unity through positive lyricism, high energy performance and feel good sounds rooted in the American traditions of soul, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. 

Drawing upon influences from musical groups such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Roots and John Legend the band creates their own eclectic “pop” sound. Connecting the body, mind, and spirit, Fresh Heirs' music keeps their audiences moving while they deliver meaningful words of encouragement in harmony over a high-energy musical platform featuring blazing keys and rippin' horn lines.

Fresh Heir has been putting on high-energy performances since 2007. Originally a 5- piece ensemble the band now can extend 10+ pieces. Meeting at Webster University (St. Louis, MO) in the jazz studies program, their beginning sound featured instrumental originals & covers similar to groove/jam artists like Soulive, RH Factor, and Charlie Hunter. Evolving, the band added vocals to the energy and began writing positive inspired lyrics in 2009 as showcased on their "Alive Around The World" and "Sky's The Limit" albums.

Nick Savage and Ryan Marquez have remained the band's core founders, as membership has been fluid through the years. The current configuration has been together for 5 years and features a cast of the regions top players. FH now operates similar to Steely Dan, in that it always features Savage & Marquez but integrates the other members to create the sound most appropriate for the request at hand.

The group has experience playing in different configurations all over the world as one can see in their videos. FH can jam an acoustic setup with 2-5 people or can produce a full-scale production featuring 10+ members utilizing high-level audio/video production skills. 




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275 Union Blvd
Penthouse 1700
St. Louis, MO 63108