Real Macaws

Genres americana, country, folk, rock

Real Macaws

The Real Macaws is an ensemble of classic rock veterans from some of the biggest bands in the world. Terry Jones Rogers, Scott Nienhaus and Tim Politte from The Byrds Celebration, Michael Supe Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Scott Scorfina of REO Speedwagon and Pavlov’s dog and Bill Murphy on Keys.

This coming together was facilitated by Supe Granda, after years of playing with the members in various line-ups and world tours, he just knew starting something original with this lineup would lead to something great.

The Real Macaws album Standing Alone was released in 2011 and the band has played all over the world.

Their sound merges old school folk rock with country roots to create a sound with soul.




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