Richie Kihlken

Genres blues, funk, jazz, pop, soul, wedding

Richie Kihlken

Richie is an introspective and old soul, dynamic vocalist, emotionally driven songwriter, and multifaceted instrumentalist transitioning proficiently amidst piano, guitar, drums and the occasional bout of harmonica. As a performer, he brings an undeniable energy and authentic sound to his solo shows, as well as his adventures fusing with fellow musicians in the Richie Kihlken Band...

Richie leads the band with his timeless voice, groovy piano riffs, and charismatic honest-to-goodness personality. After years of flying solo, Mr. Kihlken chose to seek out a brood of like-minded musicians with extraordinary talent and instrumental expertise and found exactly that in Martha Mehring (vocals), Nate Gilberg (bass), Matt Rowland (guitar), John Lum (drums), Ryan Marquez (organ/keys), and Charlie Cerpa (saxophone). Together they blend blues, jazz, and funk to create modern soul music that brings people to the dance floor.




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275 Union Blvd
Penthouse 1700
St. Louis, MO 63108