Priscilla Case

After becoming a licensed cosmetologist with a specialty in hair and makeup for photography and film, Priscilla has styled fashionistas, high-powered politicos, professional athletes, and celebrities from all over the world.

Kathy Ferrara

Kathy’s an accomplished actress, print model, spokesmodel, and voiceover artist. But her years in front of the camera inspired Kathy to pursue another passion behind the scenes - as a makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist.

Brady Keenan

Brady uses the techniques learned while at The Skin Institute to bring out the natural glow of a model’s skin, make facial features pop, and bring an effortless and natural look to her clients’ appearances. 

Tamara Tungate

We should just admit up front that Tamara Tungate is perpetually in love - with every single face she works on. 

Ruth Ebinger

After a successful career as a model, Ruth was inspired to work behind the camera in a different creative role.

Michele Taylor

Genres hair, hair and makeup artist, hair stylist, hmua, makeup, saint louis, stl

"After working in the make-up artist industry for 20 years, I cannot imagine doing anything else."-Michele

Suzy Bacino

Genres hair, hair and makeup artist, hair stylist, makeup, saint louis, stl

Model, stylist, and former fashion editor, Suzy Bacino has brought her full package of talents to the TalentPlus roster to help manage her busy career.

Valerie Brown

Born to refine the fabric of the human profile, Valerie Brown confirmed her artistry of hair in 2003.

JC Krajicek

Any production, large or small, in need of a costume designer, wardrobe stylist, theatrical hair and makeup artist, or locating the perfect look can point to a touch of magic with JC.