Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

If ever a person was born to be a makeup stylist, that person is Whitney Reynolds. While other 5-year-olds were playing with dolls and learning to speak in full sentences, Whitney was learning proper blush and lipstick application from her mom: a beautician, retail cosmetics manager, and one of Whitney's greatest inspirations. By the time she was 9, she was practicing makeup on her younger sisters—who weren't always willing participants!

Whitney has an almost compulsive entrepreneurial spirit. After getting her BA in Communications at Lindenwood University, she worked as a corporate sales manager holding both a real estate AND an insurance license while starting her own freelance marketing company. She continued to do makeup, but it was only after she helped a photographer with a marketing shoot that she realized she should do it for a living. After doing makeup for ten different girls for fourteen hours straight, she wanted to do it again. And again. That's the kind of passion that makes Whitney one of the leading makeup artists in the field.

Whitney sees beauty in every face and she's completely dedicated to bringing out that beauty on every job she does. Because she specializes in HD makeup and airbrush, she's gone from being an incredibly popular wedding and theatre makeup artist to doing styling jobs with high-profile photographers like Attilio D'Agostino at Alive Magazine, as well as commercial shoots and popular television programs.

And as for that entrepreneurial spirit— well, it extends beyond the brushes and color palettes— Whitney plans to have her very own line of cosmetics. Whitney's style, depth of knowledge, and great sense of humor are qualities that make her a valuable and indispensable team member on any set.



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