Kathy Ferrara

Kathy Ferrara

When you see Kathy Ferrara, the first thing you think is, “The talent’s here.” And in many cases, you’d be right - Kathy’s an accomplished actress, print model, spokesmodel, and voiceover artist. But her years in front of the camera inspired Kathy to pursue another passion behind the scenes - as a makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist. Having been on the talent side, Kathy knows exactly how to get actors and models looking and feeling their best, and her warm and friendly reputation in the industry has earned her credits with both national companies (HGTV, Bloomberg News, MasterCard International, Edward Jones, Larry King Live) and St. Louis-based businesses (St. Louis Magazine, Sauce, BJC Healthcare, Purina).

The art of makeup and wardrobe have become such a passion for Kathy that her work has now been seen across nearly every kind of entertainment media: television, film, video, theatre, celebrity, editorial, and runway work. And really, when your celebrity credits include both Chris Matthews and Newt Gingrich, both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, Jr., you’ve got to be doing something right.



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